A man saved money for his retirement at age 30

Only 10 years in working as Senior IT Auditor, Mr Mike and his wife could retire without any debt. This happens from 2005.

The saving behaviour is not an amazing skill or something is un-credible. Just the way of your spending money it can reduce cost of live from 50% or even 70%.

First things to do, you must figured something out and build up the strategies on saving money. But a important thing how much money you can save for early retirement?. In my case I saved 2/3 our take home pay and common sense is most people spend alot more than they can earn while thinking they can cover it.



One thing make you overspending is the cars.

Many people has same income and age as me but they have 2 new cars and they have to loan for this. They don’t buy car by their saving money, this regarding to you must be in debt about 10-20 years. If you can optimize your cost you can save alot and cut your spending down by haft or even more.

Most people think that saving alot money make them uncomfortable cause everything must be reduced for minimum. But the average middle class family they blow through a huge money before they realize it.

“At present I have the comfortable life with my wife and son with cost of life about $25,000/ year in Boston.

The important I can retire more early and can travel to many countries with my family from the account in the Bank and income from 2 rental departments” Mr Mike said.


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